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Aviation word is most commonly used to derive mechanical air transport, which is done using an aircraft.

This industry is usually used for air transportation or cargo. The two primary means of air transport are helicopters and airplanes, but the most current term for the word aviation is unmanned aircraft called drones. The terms aviation industry and the airline industry are the same as one another. Still, they are different from each other as the airline industry offers people transportation by means of air transportation.

The airline industry is just a part of the aviation industry. The aviation industry also includes aircraft manufacturers, researchers, air safety specialists, and the business involved in military aviation. They also include the rapidly increasing number of companies that manufacture, produce and use drones.

Civil and Military aviation: Within the aviation sector, there are two types of aviation categories: civil and military. In simple words, aviation, not referred to as the military, is called civil aviation. They include both private and commercial air travel, depending on whether the flight carries passengers, cargo, or a combination of both. At the same time, military aviation uses aircraft within military settings. This type of airline is designed to perform surveillance operations. The major part of military aviation is associated with air forces. Some airports around the world stimulate both civil and military aviation.

International: In the name itself, we can understand that this type of airline operates internationally, offering flights for transportation on multiple overseas.

National: Even though national airlines are smaller than international airlines, they offer some overseas services. However, they are mainly connected to a single country, with all the main hubs in the country, which are primarily focusing on domestic air travel.

Regional: Regional airlines are smaller than international and national airlines. They are focusing on the kind of areas where other airlines are not able to offer service. The revenue of this airline is not more than 100 million annually, and they use smaller aircraft having less than 100 passenger seats. Sometimes they partner with the larger airlines by helping the customer to the hubs for connecting flights.

Main key players: Airbus, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin are the main key players in the aviation manufacturing sector. And the main key players in the airline industry are American airlines, delta airlines, and united Airlines.

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