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The global pharmaceutical industry was valued at USD 1.42 trillion by the end of 2021 and is expected to increase to USD 188 trillion by 2030. This is a significant 37% increase from 2022 to 2030.

The healthcare or life science industry remains an all-crucial aspect of our life sciences category. While biology remains an important life sciences asset, technological advances in molecular biologies, such as biotechnology, are fastly growing to a burgeoning of specializations and new well-rounded fields.

Leaders in healthcare and life sciences need to understand how innovations are matured and adopted. They also need to know how to identify the relevance of these innovations to solve business problems and capitalize on new opportunities. Here can help to provide insights essential to our client’s growth and profitability aspect.

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in the way that healthcare is provided to patients. Healthcare has become more patient-oriented, offering affordable, personalized, and safe healthcare services. This has eventually heightened the expectations of consumers.

The major players in the life science industry must have a deep understanding of end users in order to create business models and scenarios. They must demonstrate how the new and existing devices can improve patient outcomes while also creating value for healthcare stakeholders.

Many companies involved in the life science sector are reinventing their operations by leveraging digital data from connected products to improve patient outcomes and create sustainable operating models. Hence it becomes essential for any new or existing market player to stay updated with the latest trends in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

This is where comes into play. has established itself as a reliable source of verifiable business information. We offer extensively valuable insights on various business data needs that professionals in the life science market may then use to address potential challenges, thus positively influencing the growth trajectory of their respective organizations or business.

It analyzes and comprehends the key trends and developments in the sector to support our clients’ key strategic plans and business decisions. We help our clients to gain the right business intelligence they need and build more efficient and economically-sound strategies.

We utilize primary and secondary information sources when formulating comprehensively quantifiable strategies that address our clients’ areas of interest.

Regarding market leaders, the US pharmaceutical industry emerged as the leading player. The markets, along with Japan, Canada, and Australia, form the so-called established or developed markets. Those follow these markets in emerging economies such as Brazil, India, Russia, Egypt, and Columbia.

In light of the strides made by the organizations engaged in the global biotechnology sector, ongoing investments towards research & development initiatives to create beneficial innovations is a significant factor expected to play a vital role in augmenting this industry further.

Our Life Science category segmentation encompasses:

Medical Devices & Supplies
Healthcare IT

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