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Energy Efficiency is saving energy but keeping the same level of observation service by efficiency. We can also perform a similar task or get similar results. Energy Conservation is reducing waste energy consumption by using few energy services. Energy conservation can be obtained through efficient energy use.

The industrial sector uses about 50% of total commercial energy. In this sector, the significant energy consumers are textiles, steel, and fertilizer. The industrial sector uses energy predominantly for lighting and production, as well as used in the manufacturing industry. Also, it is used for thermal utilizes, steam systems boilers, waste heat recovery, insulation, electricity distribution system, motors, fans, pumps, compressors, etc.

In general, the Indian Industry is extremely- energy intensive. Also, energy efficiency is well; owed to that of other authorized industries. Efforts to promote energy conservation in such sectors can lead to a reduction in the cost of production and, on a global level, make them more competitive to stimulate the industrial part to take energy

conservation thought from time to time government has included reasons such as cut an import duty for specific items. Technology, modernization, and the introduction of control instrumentation are necessary to realize the energy conservation potential in Industry. If limited energy uses lower will be the impact on the environment.

The two principles of energy conservation are also given energy can neither be created nor be destroyed.

Industrial energy efficiency action plans were developed. Researchers explore ways to make the industrial manufacturing process more efficient. Independent studies indicate that the U.S. could reduce energy use by 14% in the near term through cost-effective measures. Energy efficiency has become the key driver for development in many economies worldwide. Any industrial system that is optimized for energy efficiency may not use the absolute amount of energy that is technically possible.

Industries use a great deal of energy, often inefficiently, and significantly contribute to CO2 emissions. Various energy efficiency instrument is used to achieve energy savings; optimizing the efficiency of the steam system result in more than steam capacity that can be used for co-generation applications. Efficient use of energy at all stages of the supply chain can reduce the negative impact of energy consumption.

The prominent Indian corporates that have made primary energy conservation are (TVS Motors, Wipro Enterprises, Philips, Larsen, Toubro, and TATA Power Limited.

TV’S future Courses for Energy Conservation involve the enhancement of new technologies for the reduction and emission of CO2, enhancement of new technologies will reduce weight reduction, cost reduction, and improvement of fuel economy TV’S motives Policies can also improve efficiency.

Larsen and Toubro said that it is essential to fulfilling Economic, Environmental, and Social responsibilities while conducting business efficiently. This company builds India’s infrastructure by working in areas of energy efficiency.

TATA Power Limited this company strongly believes in resource conservation and energy efficiency. It considers the most economical solution to energy conservation. Companies are also leading projects on their premises to conserve energy.

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