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These processes or activities store enormous volumes of highly ignitable, dangerous matter or materials required to manufacture the process. These processes may include outdoor tasks as a piece of their manufacturing process. Regular leaden manufacturing uses involve block or brick manufacturing. Truck, concrete plants, automobile, and tire assembly, ammonia manufacturing, chlorine manufacturing, metal fetching or factories, gas manufacturing, seed crushing or processing, metal or metal ore production, smelting, refining or alloying, petroleum product refining or petroleum, ship, pool and spa manufacturing; killing of animals; glass etc is included.

Heavy Manufacturing is an industry that creates great industrial items, provides comprehensive heavy machinery and services, and includes complicated production processes. Heavy industry is dominated by big industries, as it is very capital-intense and requires significant investment in heavy equipment, monumental buildings, large machine tools, and extensive infrastructure.

Unlike the small industry, which is minor capital acute and offers products to consumers, heavy industry markets its goods to large buying such as businesses, industries, and governments. It is also usually more cyclical in both investment and employment.

Common examples of the heavy industry include Aerospace manufacture, Shipbuilding, Mining and digging, Machine tool building, Locomotive manufacturing and services, Oil and gas service, Steel manufacture, Chemical production and manufacturing, and Construction of extensive facilities and infrastructure.

1) Hyundai heavy industries: the company operates in the shipbuilding market. The company was founded in the year 1972. The company manufactures, and industrial 13423 employees work in the company. the company performed heavy manufacturing.

2) Samsung heavy industries: this is an offshore development company it also ships building company. The company was established in the year1974 the company made marines it also in the electronics market the market occupied by the company is vast in the world all the products of that company are very famous and demanded.

3) hunting-stone Ingalls industries: – the company was established in 2011. The company produces nuclear energy and shipbuilding in heavy manufacturing, providing defense system devices. The atomic tools services are offered by a company located in the US.

4) JFE holdings: -this company can work in engineering, metal production, and shipbuilding in Beijing. Sixty-four thousand two hundred ninety-six employees are working in the organization,6.6 billion valuations of the company, the company’s primary focus is the production of metals in heavy manufacturing.

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