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Retailing is an industry that generally focuses on buying goods from manufacturers, retailers, and producers and selling them to the consumer for a profit. The retailing sector commonly refers to companies that sell tangible items and the task performed for the benefit of the target. The most common example of retailing is mortar stores.

The retailing industry is the primary key between producers and consumers. When any product is produced in the market, the retailing sector plays a vital role in reaching that particular product to target consumers. Location is the main factor responsible for the growth of retailing. Business districts, shopping centers, free-standing units, and non-traditional locations are the four main types of retailing locations. Business districts have a zone of offices and buildings where restaurants and retail stores are located. The many shopping centers and retail stores are located in areas accessible by cars and public transport. Free-standing units are often found on the side of streets, high traffic areas.

The retail industry ranked second among all sectors, providing high job opportunities worldwide. The retailing industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in market practices. Increases in income levels, the need for new services, changing lifestyles, and competition in the market have contributed to the demand for retailing industries.

Retailing provides various services to consumers, such as free home delivery and credit facility after services. A good retailing service involves 5R i.e Right products, Right quantities, Right time, Right price, and Right place. In the retail industry consumer is the master. The retailing industry provides a platform where consumers get satisfaction with services and goods.

Customer service statistics claim that online customer service influences up to 88% of buyers. According to statistics, About 62% of consumers prefer offline purchasing because they can feel and touch the quality of a product.

The retailing industry involves planning, promoting, and presenting a particular product. With a strong presence across crucial consumption baskets and a leadership position, Walmart is the top global retail company, with retail revenue of $559.157 million.

Companies like Walmart and Amazon provide good retail services during the coronavirus. In this age, many mortar stores offer to buy online pickup services(BOPIS), same-day dispatch, and online shipping services more intelligently.

Our Consumer goods category segmentation encompasses:

Consumer Electronics
Luxury & premium products
Homecare & Decor
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Apparel, Fashion & Accessories
Consumer and general services
Sports, Fitness, and Leisure
Baby products
Pet products and supplies
Entertainment Products

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