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Denso Corporation Statistics and Facts

Denso Corporation

Automotive Companies/Brands

  • Type of Business


  • Establishment Year


  • Headquarters

    Kariya, Aichi, Japan

  • CEO and Key People

    Mr. Koji Arima (President & CEO, Representative Member of the Board), Mr. Yukihiro Shinohara (Executive Vice President, Representative Member of the Board)

  • Number of Employees

    ~ 167,950 (2021)

  • Industry

    Automotive manufacturing

  • Revenue

    US$ 45.1 billion

  • Products

    Thermal System, Mobility System, Powertrain System, Electrification System, Electronic System

  • Subsidiaries

    Toyota, Denso Wave, Denso Techno Co., Ltd., Denso Ten, DENSO Hokkaido Corporation, HAMANAKODENSO Co. Ltd., BluE Nexus Corporation, Denso Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd., DENSO Robotics, DENSO International America, Inc., DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc., Denso Thermal Systems S.p.A., and others.

  • Competitors

    Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, Valeo, Aptiv, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Titan International, Johnson Controls, Other Competitors

  • Website

Denso Corporation Statistics: DENSO Corp. is involved in the manufacturing and selling of automobile components and systems, industrial products, and home appliances. It has four business divisions: Automotive and Consumer Products, Industrial Products, New Business Fields, and Industrial Products.

The Automotive division designs and manufactures powertrain control and systems for gasoline and diesel engines, microelectronic devices, semiconductor sensors, vehicle air conditioning systems, bus air conditioning systems, telematics products, body electronics, and windshield wiper systems. It also powers steering, produces power windows, and power sliding doors.

The Consumer Products division sells CO2 refrigerants, central A.C. conditioners, heat pump water heaters, and home energy management systems (HEMS). The Industrial Products division offers factory automation products, such as industrial robots or programmable logic controllers. It also deals with automatic identification products like bar-code readers and quick response readers.

The New Business Fields division focuses on energy management, agricultural technology, security and community network solution, as well as biotechnology, healthcare, and electric power assist technology.

The company was established in Japan on December 16, 1949. Its headquarters are located in Kariya, Japan.

Fact & Figures

DENSO is a global company that focuses on advanced mobility. It positively affects how the world moves and contributes toward greater well-being. The company is a Fortune 500 global company with a wide product range and a large global impact.

Denso Facts and figures

Products & Services


  • Automotive Service Parts and Accessories
  • Air-conditioning System
  • Safety and Cockpit Systems
  • Power-train Systems
  • Repair Service

Other Industries

  • Industry- Robotics, Auto-ID, System solution
  • Food Value chain
  • Home – HEMS (Home Energy Management System) and CO2 Refrigerant Heat-Pumps.


Denso – Global Revenue 2012-2021

Denso’s revenue decreased by more than four percent between 2020-2021, just like other Japanese companies operating in the Japanese automotive sector. In 2021, the automotive supplier earned around 45.1 billion U.S. Dollars in revenue. Denso’s business was affected by the slowing Japanese economy, trade tensions with the United States, and the outbreak of Covid-19.

Denso – Global Revenue by Region 2019-2021

In 2021, Denso’s domestic revenue was approximately 28.8 billion US$. Denso’s business declined year over year. Earnings were approximately four percent lower than the previous year.

Denso – Expenses for Research and Development 2012-2021

In 2021, Denso spent 4,395 million US$ on research and development. The company spent 90 % of its research and development costs in Japan that year.

Denso – Number of Employees 2012-2021

Denso Corporation employed 168,000 people in its 2021 fiscal year. This is a decrease of just under 171,000 employees in 2020. Denso Corporation had almost 50,000 more employees between 2008 and 2021.

Net sales of Denso by Business Sector 2021

In the 2021 fiscal year, Denso’s largest business segment, thermal management system for vehicles, generated approximately 10,5 billion US$ of revenue. In 2020, the automotive supplier created a new business segment: sensor and semiconductor.

Denso – Operating Profit by Region 2021

Denso reported an operating profit in Asia of 1.01 billion US$ in 2021, excluding Japan. Denso’s 2021 profit was more than the previous fiscal year.


DENSO Corporation Competitors

wdt_IDCompany NameHeadquartersNo. of employeesRevenueEntity type
1Robert Bosch GmbHGermany~ 395,029$81.5BPrivate
2Continental AGGermany~ 192,396$39.9BPublic
3ThyssenKrupp AGGermany~ 97,542$38.8BPublic
4ValeoFrance~ 103,300$19.4BPublic
5AptivIreland~ 155,000$15.8BPublic
6ZF Friedrichshafen AGGermany~ 157,549$43.4BPublic
7Titan InternationalUnited States~ 7,000$1.8BPublic
8Johnson Controls United Kingdom~ 10,000$23.7BPublic
Company NameHeadquartersNo. of employeesRevenueEntity type

Latest News

June 2022

  • DENSO shares Semiconductor Strategy Updates at Business Briefing

May 2022

  • DENSO Announces Personnel and Organizational Changes
  • DENSO, Honeywell Co-Develop E-Motor to Lilium’s All-Electric Jet
  • Year-End Review: DENSO Advances Two Great Causes, Peace of Mind and Green

April 2022

  • DENSO and USJC Collaborate in Automotive Power Semiconductors
  • BluE Nexus’s First eAxle Adopted by Toyota’s “bZ4X”
  • DENSO Products Electrify Subaru and Toyota’s All-Electric bZ4X/SOLTERRA
  • DENSO Announces a Change in Executive Responsibility
  • Marubeni, OPExPARK, and Beyond Next Ventures join forces to promote DX in healthcare.

March 2022

  • Joint Research shows that DENSO’s Microalga and Coccomyxa sp. are effective against COVID-19. K.J. Has Veridical Effect against COVID-19
  • DENSO Group Supports Humanitarian Efforts to Help Ukraine in an Emergency Situation
  • Notice of unauthorized access to group company
  • Software innovation by DENSO during the era of CASE
  • Fun Learning Events for Cloud Computing Engineers Training
  • For a once-in-a-century transformational period, standardized human resources development no longer works

February 2022

  • DENSO to take a minority stake in JASM
  • DENSO Reports Financials on the Third Quarter of Fiscal Year. Shares Highlight Safety and Sustainability Efforts

Jan 2022

  • DENSO Announces Status and Conclusion of Treasury Stock Repurchase
  • Asian and DENSO Reach Agreement for the Transfer of Fuel Pump Module Businesses
  • DENSO develops the Global Safety Package 3 for Vehicle Sensing
  • DENSO Announces Status of Repurchase of Treasury Stock

Recent Developments


  • Global Safety Package 3 was developed by the company in January. It is an active safety system that improves the safety of vehicles and gives them high-sensing capabilities of the environment.
  • Denso signed an agreement in February to acquire 10% of Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing.


  • Denso and Aeva Inc. formed a partnership in January to bring Aeva’s 4D-LiDAR technology to mass market vehicles.
  • Denso formed a partnership in February with Aurora Innovation and Toyota Motor to mass-produce autonomous vehicles.
  • Honeywell and Denso allied in May to concentrate on electric propulsion units for new aerospace requirements.
  • Denso made a June investment in Seurat Technologies, which will improve manufacturing processes and advance digital transformation.
  • Denso made an October investment in Dellfer, an automotive- and IoT cybersecurity software firm.


  • The company joined hands with Qualcomm Technologies in January to develop next-generation cockpit system designs.
  • The company opened a new Central Technical Training Centre in Maryville, Tennessee, USA, in February.
  • The company introduced MovinCool in February. It is a commercial spot air conditioner that can be used in Orlando, Florida.
  • Denso made an April investment in Certhon Group in order to grow its horticulture business on the global market.
  • The company collaborated in March with TomTom, Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development Inc, to create advanced maps for automated driving.
  • The company partnered with the Tokyo Institute of Technology in April to create the DENSO Mobility Collaborative Research Center.
  • The company opened an electrification innovation center in Anjo, Aichi (Japan) in June.
  • Denso and Certhon Group announced in June the formation of DENSO AgriTech Solutions, Inc. to provide innovative horticulture solutions.
  • Denso announced in July that it would merge with DENSO IT Solutions Inc.
  • Denso opened a new R&D facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, in August.
  • Denso, along with Toshiba Motor and Suzuki Motor, announced in January their plans to construct a factory for battery cells for electric vehicles in Gujarat (India).
  • Denso made a November investment in Lambda:4, a developer for short-range wireless positioning technologies.
  • Denso chose Foretellix’s Fortify platform to verify ADAS and automated driver systems in November.
  • Denso purchased a stake in Envoy Technologies (an electric vehicle startup) in November.
  • Denso invested in Ride cell, a mobility platform developer, in December.

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