AOL Statistics and Facts


Web Portal and Online Services

  • Established Year

    October, 1983

  • Private/Public


  • Headquarters

    New York, US

  • CEO

    Mr. Hans Vestberg

  • Headcount

    144,500 as of December 31, 2018

  • Founders

    Mr. Marc Seriff, Mr. Steve Case, Mr. Jim Kimsey, and Mr. William von Meister

  • Geographical Presence

    150 Locations Worldwide

  • Divisions

    Verizon Consumer, Verizon Business, and Verizon Media

  • Subsidiaries

    Oath, Skyward, Verizon Wireless, AOL, Verizon Fios, Verizon Media, XO Communications, LLC, Terremark Worldwide, Inc., and others

  • Average monthly churn rate

    1.23% as of 2018

  • Overall Revenue

    US$ 34.3 billion in Q4 2018

  • Corporate Headquarters Address

    140 West Street, New York, New York 10007

  • Website

AOL Inc. is a media technology platform with a substantial audience globally, and a suite of digital brands, products, and services offered to publishers, consumers, advertisers, and subscribers. The company focuses on attracting and engaging consumers by creating and offering advertisers on both AOL Properties and on third-party Internet sites. AOL Properties includes the company’s owned and operated content, products, and services in the Membership Group and Brand Group segments. In addition, AOL Properties includes co-branded websites owned or operated by third parties for certain criteria, including the requirement of Internet traffic assigned. AOL subscription service is offered to US consumers for a monthly fee and is a valuable distribution channel for AOL Properties.

Through AOL Inc Platforms, third-party publishers and AOL Properties are offered premium formats, video advertising, and content personalization, intended to make their applications and websites attractive to advertisers. Advertisers are given the ability to programmatically plan, buy, and measure advertising across all screens and advertising formats using managed services or self-serve technology. Furthermore, this platform provides advertisers and other content providers the ability to buy advertising inventory using traditional advertising sales methods.

AOL Platforms provides the ability to syndicate and measure video viewing for advertisers and other content providers, and engagement activity across all Internet-enabled devices such as desktop, mobile, and television. The company reinvigorates AOL’s culture and brand by prioritizing the consumer experience, making greater use of data-driven insights, encouraging innovation, and optimization of advertising technology in order to create an end-to-end open data platform.

Verizon Communications Inc. acquired AOL Inc. in June 2015, in order to strengthen its Internet of Things platform and ad technology platform. Verizon Communications Inc. offers communications, information, and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses, and governmental agencies globally. The company operates through three business segments namely: Wireless, Wireline, and Corporate and Other. Verizon Communications Inc. offers voice, data, and video services, and solutions on our networks that are designed to meet customer demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security, and control. The company is focused on leveraging its network leadership, retaining and growing its high-quality customer base while balancing profitability, enhancing ecosystems in growth businesses, and driving the monetization of its networks and solutions.

In 2018, the company’s revenue was US$ 130.9 Bn, with revenue receiving in from its wireless segment at US$ 90.7 Bn, the wireline segment at US$ 29.4 Bn, and corporate and others at US$ 10.7 Bn.


  • 1984: The United States Department of Justice mandated AT&T Corporation to split the Bell System into seven companies called Baby Bells. Bell Atlantic, which is one of the baby bells came into existence and comprises companies such as New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania, Diamond State Telephone, and C&P Telephone. These companies gave Verizon a footprint from New Jersey to Virginia.
  • 2000: Bell Atlantic merged with GTE Corp., which operated telecommunication companies across the country out of Bell Atlantic’s footprint. After the acquisition, Bell Atlantic was renamed Verizon Communication Inc. The company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the VZ symbol.
  • 2006: The company acquired MCI Corporate, which operated as a global communications provider that delivered advanced communications connectivity to business, government, and consumers
  • 2010: The company began trading on the NASDAQ exchange under the same symbol, VZ
  • 2011: The company acquired Terremark, an information technology services company
  • 2015: Verizon acquired AOL Inc. in order to expand its business in content ownership
  • 2017: The company acquired Yahoo in order to extend its presence in mobile and online video space, among consumers.
  • 2018: The company combined the individual units Telematics, Fleetmatics, and Telogis to create Verizon Connect

AOL Facts:

  • In April 2019, Verizon Media(AOL and Yahoo) processed 1.77 billion online search queries in the US
  • 98% of the US population has access to 4G LTE
  • 90% of Verizon Wireless data traffic is carried over the network
  • 1 billion fans are reached around the world
  • JD Power ranked Fios by Verizon as ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction for the third year in a row
  • PC Magazine has ranked Fios #1 for Internet speed 10 years in a row
  • Verizon Data Breach Digest 2018 offers actionable insights on the most common and dangerous threats one can face
  • 14K+ developers hosted on the ThingSpace Platform
  • Positioned as Gartner Magic Quadrant Network Services leader 13 years in a row
  • Six years in a row as a Gartner Managed Services Magic Quadrant leader
  • Two years in a row as a Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service, Worldwide leader
  • The company has 118 Mn Verizon retail wireless connections
  • The peak number of people that used AOL to connect to the Internet was over 35 Mn
  • 500,000 users used AOL instant messenger when the service shut down
  • Verizon has a market value of 239.7 billion US$

Launches in 2019:

  • In April 2019, Verizon customers are the first in the world to have a power of 5G in their hands
  • In November 2018, Verizon and the City of Boston planned to transform Boston into one of the most technologically advanced cities in the nation. This in turn will expand its fiber-optic network citywide, installation of small cells, and collaboration on smart communities’ solutions.

AOL Sustainability Goals:

  • By 2022, Verizon’s networks and connected solutions will reduce the number of global emissions created by operations
  • By 2025, the company will reduce carbon intensity (a measure of the overall carbon emitted divided by the terabytes of data carried by networks) by 50% over the 2016 baseline. The company will source renewable energy equivalent to 50% of its total electricity usage.
  • By 2030, the company will plant two million trees in communities around the world

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