Video Marketing Statistics

Video Marketing Statistics and Facts

Video Marketing Statistics

  • Worldwide Internet Users: 88 billion
  • Worldwide Video Marketing Users: 62 billion
  • More than two-thirds of the world’s population have access to mobile devices contributing to 29 billion unique mobile users.
  • The average daily usage of Video Marketing is 2 hours and 27 minutes.
  • 6 out of every 10 people on the planet have a social network account.
  • 85% of marketers rate short-form videos as the most effective type of Video Marketing content.
  • Almost 45% of internet users research products through Video Marketing.

It is told that a picture speaks a thousand words. For a video, multiply that by 1,000 more. That is the basis of video marketing, a powerful form of promotion that effectively engages your target market as a part of your marketing campaigns.

Video marketing refers to the practice of using videos to inform viewers about your products or services. It enlightens your audience, boosts engagement on your social media and digital channels, and gives you a new way to connect with them.

The best moment to begin producing video content is right now. To start making videos, you don’t need to be an expert with your camera. These figures illustrate the growing popularity of video advertising, which is still growing.

In 2020, more than three billion individuals will view streamed or downloaded videos at least once a month, according to Statista estimates. This figure is predicted to increase yearly, eventually reaching around 3.5 billion in 2023. In 2020, there were roughly 244.4 million video watchers in only the United States.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is becoming a popular strategy for businesses of all sizes, entrepreneurs included.

Renderforest Survey showed that videos can help businesses grow:

  • Traffic up by 51%
  • 70% Brand Awareness
  • 34% increase in sales

Their popularity is due to their ability to easily engage with prospects and clients on multiple platforms.

Videos are a great way for small businesses to convert and retain customers.

What are the Benefits of Video Marketing?

  • Are growing in popularity across platforms
  • Stay visible longer on social feeds
  • Rank higher in search
  • Are powerful sales tool
  • Get more exposure and engagement
  • Stand out more
  • Increase the understanding of your product
  • Provide a more personable way to engage with your audience

Global Video Marketing Usage: 2016 to 2022

The vast majority of firms continue to use video.

Businesses employed video as a marketing tool in 86% of cases.

From 2015 to 2022, Global Video Marketers Will Use it as “a Key Component” of Their Marketing Plan.

Why Don’t Some Marketers Use Video?

Only 5% of marketers that do not use video assert that they do not do so because they cannot persuade key decision-makers to do so.

13% of marketers that don’t use video make the excuse that they don’t think it’s important for their campaigns.

Because they don’t know where to start with video production, 16% of marketers do not use it for marketing.

10% of marketers who do not utilize video assert that the cost of doing so keeps them from doing so.

7% of non-video marketers claim they are unsure about the ROI of video and so do not use it for marketing.

However, 79% of marketers who do not utilize video believe they’ll start doing so in 2022 (10% higher than they said last year).

Top Video Marketing Statistics, 2021

78% of individuals watch web videos on a weekly basis, and 55% of people do so daily. Actually, 54% of clients state that they desire to view more video content in 2017

By 2022, consumer internet traffic that includes online video will account for more than 82% of all traffic (Cisco). As of January 2018, 85% of all internet users in America watched online videos on a monthly basis across all of their devices.

Viewers recall 95% of a message when it is presented in a video, but only 10% when it is presented in print.

2021 Ranking of the World’s Social Networks Based on Subscriber Numbers

Recent estimates state that more than 1 billion Chinese internet users will use social networks in 2021, but close to 1.28 billion will do so in 2026. With about 639 million active users worldwide, China has surpassed India to claim the title of the largest market for video marketing.

Worldwide Users of Social Networks From 2017 to 2025 (in Billion)

One of the most popular internet activities is using video marketing. Globally, more than 3.6 billion persons used video marketing in 2020; by 2025, that number is expected to reach approximately 4.41 billion.

Video Consumption Statistics and Usage Trends

  • In the last 30 days, more video footage has been uploaded than major US television networks have produced over the previous 30 years
  • By 2022, downloading and streaming of videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic worldwide
  • Watching videos makes for one-third of all online activity
  • In the US, 85% of internet users watch videos online

Facebook Video Marketing Statistics

  • Every day, Facebook counts more than 8 billion video views (TechCrunch, 2015)
  • By 2020, 15% of Facebook material will be video content
  • On Facebook, 71% of video content comes from accounts with more than 100,000 followers
  • Only 12% of Facebook video posts are live streaming. Nevertheless, they receive twice as much engagement as pre-recorded videos

Regional Analysis of Video Marketing

North America Video Marketing Industry

In 2019, North America took the lead in the market, accounting for more than 34.0% of total sales. This is explained by the high rate of smartphone adoption in the area. Marketers are being encouraged to adopt digital video advertising methods as a result of growing demands from brands and agencies to take advantage of the growing number of digital viewers and capture a bigger percentage of screen time. Additionally, the market is seeing prospects for growth due to the rising instances of cord-cutting and the gradual trend among residents of this region to switch from traditional cable TVs to OTT media delivery systems.

Europe Video Marketing Industry

The online video (OLV) business in Europe is expanding quickly. It now controls over 40% of all display spending in Europe and is the fastest-growing social media category. This industry’s innovations, such as improvements in video quality, guarantee that this expansion will not stop. However, a number of factors, such as media trade cultures, regulations, and media consumption habits, have fractured the industry. Additionally, research into formats and the variables influencing purchasing decisions in the online video programmatic market is largely lacking.

  • The average amount of money spent on advertising by digital media buyers is 36% on video
  • The Mobile web is the channel where video advertising is most frequently purchased, with 25% of media buyers spending more than 61% of their digital expenditure here.
  • Even though it represents a smaller portion of their overall spending, two-thirds of digital customers spend money on CTV.

Asia Pacific Video Marketing Industry

Asia Pacific accounted for a sizeable portion of the market in 2019 and is anticipated to see the highest CAGR during the projected period. Affordable high-speed internet access in the area encourages widespread adoption, which encourages advertisers to use digital media as a platform for video advertising. The increased use of social media in the region provides advertisers with additional avenues for generating cash, which further encourages market expansion prospects. Due to the popularity of short video apps like Kuaishou and TikTok in the subcontinent and their vast user bases, brands and marketers are being encouraged to use these platforms for digital video advertising.

South America Video Marketing Industry

The “anytime, anywhere” content demand is driving growth in the Latin American digital video market. Additionally, we predict that this year, 45.3% of the local population will routinely watch digital video.

The most popular website is by far YouTube. This year, Latin America will have the second-largest user base of YouTube watchers behind Asia-Pacific, making up 15.4% of all viewers worldwide, or 270.6 million individuals.

The Middle East & Africa Video Marketing Industry

The hottest markets for video marketing are countries like the Middle East and North Africa, where millennials drive mobile technology and digital media. In the Middle East, Unilever has teamed with AdColony to run interactive mobile advertising. After three distinct campaigns with three different creative executions, it was discovered that 43% of viewers actively engaged with the ads.

Top Video Marketing Agencies

To provide their audiences with higher-quality advertising content, businesses all around the world have begun to use digital video bidding techniques. Additionally, businesses have started putting money into brand-new operational hubs and development centers to entice top people and promote effective corporate expansion. To take advantage of the potential competence present in the area, Conversant LLC built its new operations facility in Virginia in September 2017.

To measure the success and engagement rates of their advertising initiatives, established players are now forming collaborations with data analytics firms. This makes it possible for companies to take the appropriate actions as needed. Businesses have also experienced technological disruption in order to provide their customers with better services. For instance, PubMatic Inc. introduced a supply-side platform (SSP) driven by the cloud in June 2019 to provide its clients with more affordable ad formats.


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The Distinct Stamp of Social Platforms for Video Marketing


  • Facebook is where 45% of customers spend their free time.
  • 93% of businesses publish at least one video on Facebook each week.
  • In the last 12 months, 64% of businesses said that a Facebook video led to a new client.
  • On Instagram, video generates the most interaction of any other sort of post.
  • The average daily audience on Facebook Watch is 140 million people, who watch videos for 26 minutes each day on average.
  • On Facebook, video advertisements are used by about 75% of brands.


  • One in four customers will buy something after viewing a story on Instagram.
  • 79% of businesses report that their Instagram account has brought them a new client.
  • By sharing Instagram stories, 73% of marketers were able to bring in new clients.
  • According to 41% of marketers, one of the most significant marketing methods in 2020 was Instagram Stories.
  • One video makes up over 25% of Instagram advertisements.


  • YouTube is where 51% of consumers spend their time.
  • In 2019, YouTube has surpassed Facebook as the main factor influencing consumer behavior.
  • The vast majority of customers (90%) use YouTube to find new businesses or items.


  • Keep up-to-date with news/the world
  • Follow/find information about products/brands
  • Professional networking and career development
  • Post/share jobs, photos, or videos


  • Find funny/entertaining content
  • Post/share photos or videos
  • Keep up-to-date with news/the world


  • Post/share photos or videos
  • Find funny/entertaining content
  • Message friends/family


  • Marketers are aware that video content performs well across many social media channels. Videos are one of the content formats that are used the most in social media marketing because of this.
  • 55% of individuals view videos every day while 78% watch them weekly.
  • And now we’d like to share with you some social media video data for 2022

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