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  • Type of Business


  • Establishment Year


  • Headquarters

    Tampere, Finland

  • CEO

    Mr. Pekka Lundmark (President and Chief Executive Officer)

  • Number of Employees

    ~ 103,000 (Dec 2021)

  • Industry

    Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Consumer Electronics Corporation

  • Revenue

    US$ 26,738.8 Mn (2021)

  • Products

    Software solutions, Core Networks, Data center, Fixed networks, Internet of Things, IP networks, Mobile networks, Optical networks, Private networks, Security, Solutions for industry

  • Subsidiaries

    Nokia Networks, Bell Labs, Novarra, Nokia Shanghai Bell Co. Ltd, Nokia of America Corporation, Elenion Technologies, LLC, Excel mobile phones, Scalado, Nokia Technologies Oy, Earthmine, Space Time Insight, Inc., Nokia Pte Ltd., Nokia Danmark A/S, Nokia (Thailand) Ltd., Smarterphone, Nokia Solutions and Networks B.V., Nokia Solutions and Networks US LLC, Nokia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Nokia Solutions and Networks Italia S.P.A., Nokia Technologies, Gainspeed, Inc., Nokia do Brasil Tecnologia Ltda, and other subsidiaries.

  • Competitors

    Telefonaktiebolaget Ericsson, ZTE Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Juniper Networks, Inc., Ciena Corporation, Calix Inc., Motorola Solutions, Inc., Koninklijke Philips N.V., Sony Group Corporation

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Nokia Statistics: Nokia Oyj is engaged in providing network infrastructure, technology, as well as software services. It has three segments: Mobile Networks and Network Infrastructure, Cloud and Network Services, and Nokia Technologies. The Mobile Networks segment provides technologies for Radio Access Networks, as well as Microwave Radio Links (MWR), for transport networks.

The Network Infrastructure is available to communication service providers, businesses, web scales, and the public sector.

Cloud and Network Services is a segment that focuses on software and the cloud. It is focused on driving innovation in cloud-native software and as-a-service delivery model as critical networks increase in demand. With strong market positions in communications, private wireless networks, and cognitive (or intelligent), services, it also has strong market positions. Based on decades of innovation, R&D leadership, and technology used in almost all modern mobile devices, the Nokia Technologies segment is expanding Nokia’s patent licensing business. It also reintroduces the Nokia brand to smartphones via brand licensing and has established a technology licensing company.

Fredrik Idestam founded the company in 1865. It is located in Espoo in Finland.


Nokia Net Sales Worldwide 2012-2021 (In a Million US dollars)

Nokia’s net sales in 2021 were 26,058 million US dollars, an increase over the previous year when the company had made 24,160 million US$.

Nokia Net Income Worldwide 2012-2021 (In a Million US dollars)

Nokia recorded a net profit exceeding 1,905 million US$ for 2021. This is an improvement from the previous year when Nokia recorded a loss of more than 2,688 million dollars. Finnish firm once well-known for its cell phone products has now shifted its focus on providing telecommunication network equipment and services, and market growth has been seen through 2021 is 1905 Mn USD.

Nokia Expenditure on Research and Development Worldwide 2012-2021 (In a million US dollars)

Nokia spent 4,942 million US$ in research and development (R&D) in 2021. This is an increase of approximately 419 million US$ over the previous year. After dropping to less than two billion dollars in 2014, Nokia’s R&D spending has recovered. This is due to the sale of its devices segment to Microsoft and restructuring that focuses on network infrastructure.

Nokia Net Sales Worldwide 2016-2021, by Segment (In a million US dollars)

Nokia’s Networks Business, which continues to generate the largest share of Nokia’s revenue, generated more than 18,653 million US$ in 2021. This was primarily due to its mobile networks, and cloud and network service segments. The company’s total revenue reached 26,738.8 million US$, an increase of 1% from the previous year.

Nokia Net Sales Worldwide 2012-2021, by Region (In a million US dollars)

In 2021, Nokia generated 7,794 million US$. However, the region where Nokia generated the most revenue was North America, where revenues amounted to 8,545 million US$.

Nokia Number of Employees Worldwide 2018-2020, by Region (In a million US dollars)

Nokia had 38,800 employees in Europe in 2020. Another 20,500 were based in Asia-Pacific. Nokia had approximately 6,000 fewer employees worldwide in 2020 than it did in 2019.

Nokia Networks Business Segment Net Sales Worldwide 2018-2021, by Product (In a million US dollars)

Nokia’s Networks Business was worth more than 17 billion US$ in revenue by 2021. Mobile Access Network sales accounted for the majority of revenue, at 11,409 million US$. This is almost one billion less than the previous year.

Competitor comparison:

Nokia Table

Product Portfolio:

Software solutions:

Insights and Analytics

Solutions- Fixed Network Insights

Products- AVA – Network Data Analytics Function, Customer Insights, Nokia AVA Mobile Network Insights, Service Quality Manager, Traffica.

Monetization and care

Solutions- Customer Care Applications, Intelligent Care Assistant.

Products- Converged Charging, Mediation, Recommendation Manager, Service Management Platform.


Solution- Digital Operations Center

Products- Altiplano Access Controller, Cloud Operations Manager, EdenNet SON, NetAct, Network Operations Master, Network Services Platform, Nokia Assurance Center, Nokia Orchestration Center

Core Networks:

Cloud Packet Core

Solution- Cloud Packet Core

Products- 7750 Service Router Mobile Gateway, Cloud Mobile Gateway, Cloud Mobility Manager.

Data Management

Solution- Shared Data Layer, Subscriber Data Management,

Products- Nokia Registers – Home Subscriber Server (HSS), One-NDS

Policy, signaling, and network exposure

Products- Cloud Signaling Director, Network Exposure Function, Policy Controller,

Voice core

Solution- Circuit Switched Core, Cloud Native Communication Suite, Voice over 5G (Vo5G) core, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), and Voice over Wifi (VoWi-Fi) core.

Products- CFX-5000 SIP Session Control, Session Border Controller, Telecom Application Server.

Services- Cloud Deployment, Cloud Support Services, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Services, Core Engineered Systems, Service Lifecycle Automation for 5G Core.


Data center networking

Solution- Adaptive Cloud Networking, Cloud DCI for Service Providers, Data Center Fabric

Products- 7220 Interconnect Router for Data Center Fabrics, 7250 Interconnect Router for Data Center Fabrics, Edge Network Controller, Fabric Services System, SR Linux

Data center servers

Solution- AirFrame Data Center

Products- AirFrame Data Center Manager, AirFrame Fronthaul Gateway, AirFrame Open Edge Server, AirFrame Rackmount server, Edge Automation Tool, Service Enablement Platform

Fixed networks:

Access nodes

Products- 7362 ISAM DF-16GW, 7362 ISAM SF, ISAM FD (ETSI), Lightspan FX, Lightspan MF-2, Lightspan MX, Lightspan SX/DX.

Cloud evolution

Solution- Altiplano Open Access, Multivendor ONU Connect, Software-Defined Access Networks, Cloud Acceleration Services

Gigabit fiber

Solution- 25G PON, Broadband Anyhaul, Gigabit Connect, Next-generation PON

Home Connectivity

Solution- FastMile, Home Wi-Fi, ONT Easy Start

Product- FastMile 4G Receiver, FastMile 5G Gateways, FastMile 5G Receiver, FastMile for CBRS, Fiber ONT, CPE, Nokia Application Containers, Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1, Nokia WiFi Beacon 2, Nokia WiFi Beacon 6.

Network Management

Products- 5529 Inventory Data Manager, 5529 OSS Alarm Dispatcher, 5529 Statistics and Data Collector, Altiplano Access Controller, Altiplano FastMile Controller, Nokia Access Management System (AMS)

Services- Cloud Acceleration Services, Fixed Access Health Index, Gigabit Smart Build, Multivendor Care, Network Build Control Management, ONT Easy Start, Predictive Care for fixed networks

Internet of Things:


Solution- Home Device Manager

Services- Cloud Acceleration Services, Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING)

Device management

IMPACT IoT platform, Integrated Operations Center, Integrated Operations Center for public safety, Integrated Operations Center for smart cities


iSIM Secure Connect, NetGuard Endpoint Security, Threat Intelligence Center.


Integrated Operations Center, Integrated Operations Center for public safety, Integrated Operations Center for smart cities, IoT Readiness Services.

IP networks:

Access and aggregation

7210 Service Access System, 7250 Interconnect Router, 7705 Service Aggregation Router, IP Anyhaul

Edge and core routers

7750 Service Router, 7950 Extensible Routing System, Coherent Routing, Residential broadband services, Video Broadcast Optimizer.

Network intelligence and analytics

Deepfield Cloud Intelligence, Deepfield Operational Intelligence, Deepfield Subscriber Intelligence, Deepfield Video Analytics

Mobile networks:

Radio access

Solution- AirScale Cloud RAN, AirScale Radio Access,

Products- AirScale Active Antennas, AirScale Baseband, AirScale microRRH, AirScale mmWave Radio, AirScale Radio, Flexi Zone, Single RAN, Small cells, Smart Node Femtocells.

Edge cloud

AirFrame Data Center, AirFrame Data Center Manager, AirFrame Fronthaul Gateway,

AirFrame Open Edge Server, AirFrame Rackmount server, Edge Automation Tool.

Optical networks:

Core optical transport, Access and metro transport, Subsea solutions, Optical network automation, operations and control, Partners and services,

Private networks:

Private wireless, Industrial Edge and Applications,


Network security, IP network security, IoT and endpoint security, Security Operations, and Security services.

Solutions for industry:

Energy and resources

Mining, Oil and gas, Power utilities, Renewable energy, and water utilities.

Manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics

Automotive, Smart Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Supply chain, and logistics.

Public sector

Education, Federal government, Future X cities, Government broadband plans, Healthcare, Public safety


Aviation, Highways, Maritime, and Railways.

Other industries

Automotive, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail.


Nokia Corporation was founded in 1865 in a paper mill. It has enjoyed success in many industries over the years, including cable, paper products, and tires.

In the 1990s, Nokia began to shift its primary focus from telecommunications to telecommunications. Nokia equipment was used to make the first GSM call in 1991. They became the most-selling mobile phone brand worldwide in 1998 thanks to their rapid success in mobile phones.

Nokia launched the first camera phone in 2003. Nokia and Microsoft entered into strategic partnerships in 2011 to combat the growing competition from iOS, and Android operating systems. Nokia’s mobile and devices division was sold to Microsoft in 2014.

After the 2013 acquisition of joint-venture partner Siemens, Nokia Networks was created. This laid the foundation for Nokia’s transformation into a network hardware provider and software provider. Nokia’s 2015 acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, a Franco-American telecoms equipment provider, greatly expanded its customer base and portfolio. Nokia has been positioned to become a global leader in technology in the communications sector through additional acquisitions.

Through a licensing agreement, Nokia was able to re-enter the mobile handset market in 2016.

Nokia History

Recent News:

Jun 2022

  • Nokia and BT continue to collaborate on highly scalable and power-efficient IP networks.
  • Nokia and Proximus offer 5G network slicing innovations to support challenging network conditions
  • Nokia donates 1 million EUR to Finnish universities
  • Nokia France launches the 5G Innov Lab platform for testing and integrating future 5G use case scenarios
  • Nokia and Elisa both achieve more than 2 Gbps 5G uplink speeds using mm-Wave solutions from Qualcomm
  • Nokia and LS ELECTRIC sign a Memorandum of Understanding for ICT solutions development and new service models
  • Nokia will help Wire 3 speed up the Florida 10G broadband network construction
  • Nokia launches a program called “Network-in-a Box” for rural broadband builders
  • Nokia unveils the first 100Gb/second broadband technology in America
  • Metro net’s fiber network is future-proofed by Nokia, thanks to its partnership with Nokia
  • Nokia Bell Labs’ high-performance cooling technology is being commercialized by Inn venture and Nokia.
  • Nokia and Orange Polska sign a ten-year agreement for network expansion
  • Nokia, DOCOMO, and NTT bring 6G visions to life
  • LMT selects Nokia 5G Standalone Core to Deliver Advanced 5G Services in Latvia
  • Nokia and NS Solutions will deploy 5G SA private wireless networks at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in order to improve research capabilities

May 2022

  • Nokia and Microsoft strengthen their partnership to improve performance at the industrial edge’s mission-critical industrial edge
  • Nokia announces cloud-native IMS Voice Core product that simplifies network operations for service providers
  • Nokia and Mobile Industrial Robots, (MiR), showcase real-time fleet management of robots using private 5G wireless at LogiMat in Germany
  • Nokia and Taiwan Mobile expand their partnership through an energy-efficient 5G coverage expansion agreement
  • Nokia Corporation shares have changed
  • Nokia and US cellular Ink sign mid-band 5G network expansion agreement
  • Nokia announces shipment to 1.5 millionth Quillion-powered, PON port for broadband fiber nodes
  • Nokia expands its private wireless capabilities and offers a wider range of industrial devices to enhance connectivity options for workers and their machines in all industries
  • T-Mobile and Nokia collaborate to build flexible and saleable 5G networks
  • Nokia and MCCA launch a global survey to promote equity, inclusion, and diversity in the legal sector
  • Nokia launches MX Boost private wireless for optimal reliability and performance in the most challenging industry use cases
  • Nokia extends its industrial-grade wireless solution with Wi-Fi to offer more connectivity options for businesses
  • Nokia and the University of Technology Sydney aim to make the perfect pint by opening the world’s first 5G-connected microbrewery
  • Nokia will deploy the Access DWDM solution by Nokia to upgrade Vi’s transport network up to 5G
  • Nokia revamps Japan’s research facility to show end-to-end Local 5G portfolio, Lab-as a Service, and Lab-as a Service
  • Contela and Nokia collaborate to create private 5G networks for the Korean public sector
  • Nokia enables STC to launch managed SDWAN services for Saudi enterprises
  • Nokia unveils new SaaS Services aimed at network energy efficiency and home device administration
  • Nokia launches groundbreaking cybersecurity-focused testing lab in the U.S.
  • Nokia wins coveted Red Dot Design and iF Design Awards
  • Stephanie Werner-Dietz, Chief People Officer at Nokia, will be leaving.
  • Nokia establishes 600 G transmission milestone over 1008km long-haul network using PSE-V super coherent optics
  • Nokia has deployed data center edge routers for its support team. Blue Denmark’s rapid growth in cloud services and hosting
  • Nokia and Optus make the first-ever 3CC Carrier Aggregation 5G Standalone Data Call using a Samsung commercial handset

April 2022

  • Nokia and Karel team up to produce base stations for 4G and 5G in Turkey
  • Nokia Corporation Financial Report Q1 2022
  • Next-gen Nokia PON solution powers fiber-optic network in Lucerne

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