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Hitachi Statistics and Facts

Hitachi Statistics


  • Type of Business


  • Establishment Year


  • Headquarters

    Tokyo, Japan

  • CEO

    Mr. Toshiaki Higashihara (Representative Executive Officer, Executive Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer)

  • Number of Employees

    ~ 350,864 (March 2022)

  • Industry


  • Revenue

    US$ 82,339 Mn (2021)

  • Products

    Digital Systems & Services, Green Energy & Mobility, Connective Industries,

  • Subsidiaries

    Hitachi Astemo, Hitachi Energy, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hitachi Solutions, Ltd., Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc., Hitachi Systems, Hitachi Metals, Ltd., Global Logic, Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd., and other subsidiaries.

  • Competitors

    Siemens AG, Denso Corp, Canon Inc., Toshiba Corp, Intel Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Schneider Electric SE, The 3M Company, United Technologies, Robert Bosch GmbH, Koninklijke Philips N.V., ABB, Sony Group Corporation, Other Competitors

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Hitachi Statistics: Hitachi Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and sale of electrical equipment. It has the following segments: IT, Industry, Life, Mobility, Energy, Hitachi High Technologies, Hitachi Chemical, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Hitachi Metals, and Others.

  • The IT segment deals with system integration, consulting, and cloud service. Software, IT products, storage, servers, and automated teller machines.
  • The Energy segment covers power generation (nuclear, renewable, and thermal power) as well as the power grid system.
  • The Industry segment includes industrial and distribution systems, water and environment system, and industrial equipment.
  • The Mobility segment covers building systems such as elevators, escalators, and railway systems.
  • The Life segment focuses on medical equipment, life, and ecosystems, such as refrigerators, washing machines, commercial air conditioners, and automotive systems, including powertrain, chassis, and advanced driving support systems.
  • Hitachi High Technologies covers medical/life science products, analysis equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, manufacturing/inspection gear, and advanced industrial materials.
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery includes a hydraulic excavator and wheel loader, a mining machine, maintenance/service, civil engineering solution, as well as securing mine operations management systems.
  • The Hitachi Metals segment handles special steel products, base materials, magnetic materials/power electronics, and wire materials.
  • The Hitachi Chemical segment includes functional materials (electronics, wiring board materials, and electronic components) and advanced components (mobility materials, power storage devices, and life science-related products).
  • Other segments include optical disc drives, real estate management, buy-and-sell, and optical disc drives. Namihei Odaira founded the company in Tokyo, Japan in 1910.

Hitachi Products & Services:

Digital Systems & Services:

  • Information & Telecommunication Systems
  • Drone Solutions
  • Social Infrastructure Information Systems
  • Control System Platform Portal Site
  • Social Infrastructure Information Systems

Green Energy & Mobility:

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Power Grids
  • Wind Turbine
  • Power Generation Control Systems
  • Energy & Equipment Management Service
  • Semiconductor Device
  • Mobility: Transportation

Connective Industries:

  • Urban Group- Elevators, Escalators
  • Advanced Technology Group- Analytical Systems, Electron Microscopes & Medical Systems, Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, Industrial & IT Systems, Advanced Industrial Products, Medical equipment.
  • Industry Group- Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Maintenance, Utilities (water environment), Products (mass production), Products (built-to-order production)

Hitachi Statistics:

Hitachi Revenue FY 2013-2021 (In a Billion US dollars)

In the fiscal year 2021, Hitachi reported revenue amounting to 93 Billion US$ generated from global sales, increasing from 80.9 Billion US$ in the previous year.

Hitachi Net Income FY 2013-2021 (In a million US dollars)

Hitachi reported a net profit of approximately 6,080 Million US$ for fiscal 2021. This is an increase from 4,800 Million in the previous year.

Hitachi Revenue FY 2021, by Region (In a million US dollars)

Hitachi generated 41 % of its revenue in Japan during the fiscal year 2021. This amounts to roughly 44,455 million US$. This is more than twice the amount earned in North America, which is the second-largest market. The company’s revenue in North America, China, and Europe was approximately 16,551 million, 14,111 million, and 13,793 million US$, respectively.

Hitachi Revenue FY 2021, by Segment (In a million US dollars)

In the fiscal year 2021, Hitachi earned the highest revenue in its connective industries segment, amounting to approximately 29,206 Million US.

Hitachi R&D Expenditures FY 2012-2021 (In a million US dollars)

In the fiscal year 2021, Hitachi spent approximately 2,879 Mn USD on research and development, increasing from 2,722 Million USD in the previous year.

Hitachi Revenue FY 2021, by Business Unit (In a million US dollars)

Hitachi’s power grid unit made approximately 10,095 million US dollars in fiscal 2021. The power grid segment was exempted from the total revenue because it is more than just a business unit or sub-segment.

Hitachi Competitor comparison:

Hitachi Table

Recent News:

  • April 2022- KKR & Co. Plans to Acquire Hitachi Transport System
  • April 2022- Hitachi Transport System Considering Being Taken Private by KKR.
  • April 2022- Hitachi to Sell Part of Stake in Unit to KKR.
  • Jan 2022- Hitachi Ltd. Plans to Sell About Half of Its Stake in Hitachi Construction.
  • Dec 2021- Alstom, Hitachi Get $2.6 Billion Contract for UK High-Speed Trains
  • Sep 2021- Inspira Technologies Rise Climb After Co. Contracts Global Logic
  • Aug 2021- Thales to Sell Signaling Business to Hitachi, Valuing It at $2 Billion
  • Aug 2021- Thales in Negotiations to Sell Ground Transportation Systems Unit to Hitachi Rail

Hitachi R&D Overview

Hitachi’s R&D division focuses on developing and enhancing new products using emerging technologies like automation, AI (artificial intelligence), and deep learning. This allows Hitachi to respond to changing market trends and customer demands. The company’s main focus areas are electronics, control systems, and digital technology. This includes healthcare, electronics, energy, medical engineering, materials design, production, and systems engineering. Hitachi focuses on open innovation in co-creation with various stakeholders such as the industry-academia-government community or academia, customers, start-ups, citizens, and partners.

For research and department activities, the company employed more than 2,700 people. Hitachi America, Ltd., Research & Development Division of Americas, Hitachi Asia Ltd., R&D Center, Hitachi China Research Laboratory, Hitachi India Pvt. It also conducts R&D activities via Hitachi America, Ltd., Hitachi America Ltd., Hitachi Asia Ltd., Hitachi China Research Laboratory, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Research & Development Centre, and Hitachi, Ltd., Hitachi India Pty., European R&D Centre, Europe, Hitachi Europe Ltd., Hitachi Australia Pty. Ltd., R&D Centre for Oceania.

Hitachi History

1910 – Founding of the company. Five-horsepower induction engine completed.

1920– Hitachi, Ltd. with Hitachi, Kameido Works, and Hitachi – The first business was started.

1938– Kameari Works was established.

1945– Hitachi Seiki, Ltd was transferred, and Kawasaki Works was established.

1969– Omika Works was established.

1974 – Kawasaki & Kameari Works transfer products and Tsuchiura Works were established.

1999– Establishment of the Power & Electric Group of Hitachi, Ltd under an independent operating strategy

2001 – Hitachi Industries Co. Ltd was established with the Industrial Equipment System Div. Hitachi, Ltd, merged into Hitachi Techno Engineering Co. Ltd.

2006– Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd. was formed by the merger of Hitachi Industries Co. Ltd., Hitachi Kiden Kogyo, Ltd, Hitachi Plant Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd, and a portion of Hitachi’s Industrial Systems Group.

2013– Hitachi, Ltd has merged into Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd, integrating Hitachi’s Infrastructure System Group

2015– Industrial Products Group was established. It integrates with Power products (Motor and Substation power) as well as Industrial products (Power Electronics, Compressors, Pumps, Testing machines, and Logistics).

2016– Establish the Industrial Products Business Unit, which integrates with the Industrial Sales Division.

2019Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. has been established as an operating company.

Hitachi Key Developments

The year 2021

  • In January, the company and Olympus Corporation signed a five-year contract to jointly develop Endoscopic Ultrasound Systems (EUS) to evaluate the cancer stage in the liver, pancreas, and bronchus, as well as in minimally-invasive care.
  • In March, Hitachi entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with Sophia Genetics to advance data-driven precision medicine.
  • Hitachi Ltd announced its plans to acquire Global Logic for US$9.6 billion in March.
  • In April, Hitachi and IBM Japan, Softbank, Nihon Unisys, and Mitsui & Co. launched the Healthcare AI platform.
  • In April, Hitachi and Axcelead, Inc. collaborated to develop solutions contributing to the more efficient creation of next-generation biopharmaceuticals with digital technology and a drug discovery platform.
  • In April, Hitachi acquired a 96% stake in Kyoto Robotics Corp.
  • Hitachi agreed to acquire a 100% stake in Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions from Omron in March.
  • In June, Hitachi’s subsidiary, Hitachi Europe, entered into a partnership with Arrival to offer new bus and infrastructure solutions to the European bus industry.
  • In August, Hitachi announced its plans to acquire the railway signaling business from Thales for US$2 billion.
  • In August, Hitachi completed the acquisition of Global Logic Inc.
  • In August, Hitachi completed the acquisition of Global Logic Worldwide Holdings, Inc.
  • In August, Hitachi ABB Power Grids launched SVC Light Enhanced, its next-generation grid stabilization solution.
  • In July, Hitachi announced to launch Q-series of 43-65 4K android TVs in Europe.
  • In August, Hitachi Ltd.’s subsidiary, Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc., announced to expand the Canadian distribution partnership with Wajax Corp.
  • In November, Hitachi’s subsidiary Hitachi Rail STS SpA entered into a supply contract agreement with FERROVIENORD to supply 50 high-capacity Caravaggio regional trains.
  • In November, Hitachi announced the opening of Hitachi Origin Park in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.
  • In October, Hitachi and its subsidiary Hitachi Asia (Vietnam) Co Ltd, entered into a partnership agreement with Bao Viet Insurance to drive innovation in the insurance business.
  • In December, Hitachi signed an agreement to acquire Arc Techno Co., Ltd.

The year 2020

  • In July, Hitachi acquired an 80.1% stake in the Power Grids business of ABB, valued at US$6.85 billion.
  • In March, the company announced its plans to invest US$2.8 billion in funding in IoT-related units and platforms.
  • In April, the company partnership with ConsenSys to provide PegaSys Plus services to the Japanese market.
  • In April, the company received the CCI approval to acquire an 80.1% stake in ABB Management Holding AG.
  • In April, Hitachi acquired FusioTech Holdings, a data analysis software firm.
  • In April, Hitachi signed an agreement with Fusionex International to expand its Lumada business, focusing on SaaS-based AI and data analytics solutions.
  • Hitachi and ABB Switzerland announced their plans to acquire a stake in ABB Power Products and Systems India for US$120.5 million in April.
  • In April, the company established Hitachi Industrial Holdings Americas, Inc., to strengthen its industry business in North America.
  • In January, Hitachi and Ubisecure entered a partnership to deploy frictionless biometrics for customer authentication.
  • In June, Hitachi received European Commission approval to acquire a power grid division from ABB Ltd.
  • In June, Hitachi entered into a partnership with Microsoft to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing and logistics industries across North America, Southeast Asia, and Japan.
  • In July, Hitachi and Think Cyte partnered to develop an artificial intelligence-driven cell analysis and sorting system.
  • In June, Hitachi and Naval Energies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to design and build floating wind energy jointly.
  • In August, Hitachi and Honda Motor secured the Competition Commission of India’s approval to form a joint venture.
  • In January, the company’s subsidiary Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas partnered with TomTom to develop a new real-time hazard service for navigation and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
  • In October, Hitachi, Toyota Motor, and East Japan Rail Cor. entered into a partnership to develop hydrogen-powered railway vehicles.
  • In October, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Hitachi Rail entered into a US$879 million contract with HPH Consortium to provide a control center, platform screen doors and depot equipment, signaling systems, and telecommunication systems Line 3 of Panama Metro.
  • In August, Hitachi and Bombardier entered into a US$940 million Spanish high-speed rail contract.
  • In October, Hitachi acquired a 9.99% stake in Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd.

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