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Cisco Systems Statistics and Facts

Cisco Systems

Information and Communication Technology Industry/Brands

  • Type of Business


  • Establishment Year


  • Headquarters

    San Jose, California, United States.

  • Number of Employees

    ~ 79,500 (July 2021)

  • CEO and Key People

    Chuck Robbins (Chairman and CEO), Dev Stahlkopf (Executive VP and CLO), Eyal Dagan (EVP, Common Hardware Group), Francine Katsoudas (EVP and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer), Jeetu Patel (EVP and General Manager, Security & Collaboration), Jeff Sharritts (EVP and Chief Customer and Partner Officer), and other key peoples.

  • Revenue

    US$ 49,818 million (July 2021)

  • Industry

    Software Development

  • Products

    Switches, Routers, Cable modem customer premises equipment, Cable modem termination systems products, Videos cape software products, Headend equipment, Internet protocol phones, Call center and messaging products, Unified communications products, Web-based collaborative offerings, Security products, Wireless access points, Controllers, Antennas, Blade and rack servers, Fabric interconnectors and Home networking products.

  • Subsidiaries

    Webex by Cisco, ThousandEyes Inc., AppDynamics, OpenDNS, Cisco Meraki, vIPtela Inc, ThreatGrid Inc., BroadSoft Inc., IMImobile Limited, CloudLock, Fluidmesh Networks, and many more.

  • Competitors

    Juniper Networks Inc., Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Arista networks, Dell Technologies, VMware Inc., Aruba Networks, Extreme Networks, Netgear, Inc., and many more.

  • Services

    Technical support, Collaboration services, Application networking services, Data center and cloud implementations, Cloud and systems management services, Video services, and Collaboration services.

  • Brands


  • Website

Cisco Statistics: Cisco Systems Inc. designs and manufactures and sells Internet Protocol-based network products and services that are related to the communication and information technology industry. Cisco allows people to make powerful connections, whether in business, education, or philanthropy. Cisco’s hardware, software, and service offerings enable the creation of networks that allow for easy access to information at any moment. The Americas, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe are the main regions where the company operates. Its products include switches, routers and wireless, network management interfaces and modules, next-generation firewalls, optical networking, advanced malware protection, access points, VPN security clients, email, and web security.

Cisco engineers have been pioneers in developing Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies ever since their inception. Cisco employs more than 75,000 people worldwide. This tradition of innovation continues, with industry-leading solutions and products in core areas such as routing and switching. Cisco sells products and services directly to large companies, commercial businesses, service providers, and consumers through its channel partners as well.


Cisco Systems Inc. Global Revenue

This graph displays Cisco Systems’ revenue per financial year, 2006 through 2021. The company has a revenue of 49,800 million in 2021.

Cisco Systems Inc. Net Income

This graph displays Cisco Systems’ net income per financial year, 2006 through 2021. The company had a net income in 2021 of 10,591 million U.S. Dollars.

Cisco Systems Inc. Employees by Region

Cisco employed 38,080 Americans in their 2021 fiscal year. This is a decline from the previous. The number of employees worldwide grew to 41,420.

Cisco Systems Inc. Research and Development Expenses

This statistic shows Cisco’s expenditures in research and development between 2011-2021. Cisco spent 6,549 million U.S.$ on research and technology in 2021, compared to the 6,347 million U.S.$ that was spent in 2020.

Cisco Systems Inc. Product Revenue by Category

This statistic displays Cisco’s revenue between 2013 to 2021, broken down by product category. In 2021, the company earned around 27,109 million U.S.-dollars from its infrastructure platforms segment. An additional 5,504 million U.S.-dollars was generated by the applications segment.


To create an inclusive future for all, Cisco Systems Inc. is determined to be the leader, inspire change, see the world through the eyes of others, and rise up to the inequity challenges to create new opportunities for tomorrow.


The network is becoming more crucial as the customers add billions more connections to their companies and more applications move into multi-cloud environments. Customers are adapting to change at an unprecedented rate. The company’s mission is to inspire new possibilities for customers by helping them transform their infrastructure, empower them, and more. The following six strategic pillars are important:

  • Hybrid Work
  • Secure
  • Agile Networks
  • Optimized Application Experiences
  • End-to-End Safety
  • Internet for the Future
  • Capabilities at the Edge.


To provide the best customer experience with exceptional people and the latest technologies. The employees of Cisco Systems Inc. bring talent, ingenuity, and creativity to all the company does. This includes designing products and solving sensitive data and helping to Power an Inclusive Future for All.


India, Albany, Apex, Berkley, Campbell, Cary, Cupertino, Durham, Fremont, Los Altos, Milpitas, Morrisville, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Bruno, San Jose, San Francisco, Raleigh, San Jose, San Mateo, San Ramon, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Stanford, Sunnyvale, and many other locations.

Key Milestone (2021):

  • in FY21, over 53% of the subscription revenue for software and services was achieved
  • Cisco is the number one software company worldwide, with $15 Billion in software revenue in FY21.
  • It launched the Cisco Plus as-a-service portfolio and its first offer, the Cisco+ hybrid cloud.
  • Cisco will reach net-zero for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.
  • Great Place to Work(r) has ranked us #1 in the World as the Best Place to Work for the Past 2 Years.

List of Mobile Apps:

Cisco Jabber, Cisco Meeting, Cisco Show and Share, Cisco Spark, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Co-Create, Cisco News, Cisco 3D Interactive Catalog, Cisco Disti Compass, Cisco eReader, Cisco Geek Factor, Cisco Events, Cisco Air Provision, and many more mobile apps.

Research and Development:

Cisco Systems Inc. constantly introduces new features and products to meet the demands of the market. Their research and development budgets are divided between their product categories which include Infrastructure Platforms and Applications as well as Security and Other Product Technologies. All product areas are covered by the company’s research and development budgets. The recent areas of focus are networking technologies, security, and analytics products. All research and development expenditures were expensed as they were incurred. Cisco Systems Inc. competes in a highly competitive industry that is constantly evolving in technology, changing customer requirements, and new product launches and enhancements.

Their success relies on the ability to improve and develop new products while keeping their existing products cost-effective and on time. Their engineering management team works together with customers to determine and address customer needs and also collaborates with other innovators of Internet-based products, such as universities, corporations, laboratories, and companies. The company expects to continue making strategic investments and acquisitions, as appropriate, in order to gain access to new technologies. Cisco Systems Inc. cannot guarantee that they will be able to develop products that meet new customer needs and technological changes, or that these products will be accepted on the market.


Goodwill refers to a residual value as of the acquisition date. This means that in most cases goodwill is calculated as an excess of purchase consideration transferred plus any fair value of any non-controlling stake in the acquired business over the fair values of net assets acquired. Each reporting unit is subject to goodwill impairment testing on an annual basis. Market participants use certain factors to determine the fair market value of goodwill and other purchased intangible assets. This is in line with the new accounting guidelines for fair value measurement of non-financial assets.

Recent Developments:


  • Cisco bought Opsani, a Software company, in February.
  • Cisco announced plans to acquire Splunk in February for US$20 billion.
  • General Motors and Cisco entered into a partnership in May to modernize vehicle tests with the industrial Internet of Things.
  • Cisco released the Cisco Controls Framework (CCF), in May to the general public.


  • Cisco bought Banzai Cloud Ltd., a Kubernetes startup, in January.
  • Cisco Systems and Tata Communications announced the expansion of their partnership in October to provide seamless experiences for enterprises.
  • Cisco expanded its partnership in October with Lumen Technologies to include an additional offering.
  • Cisco bought Replex GmbH, a German enterprise software provider, in November.
  • In November, Cisco joined hands with the Fourth Industrial Revolution Incubation for the launch of an incubation center in the Western Cape.
  • Cisco and Meta collaborated in November on an Open Compute Project.
  • DISH Network Corp and Cisco joined forces to sell 5G cloud-powered services to businesses in November.
  • The company launched the Webex Contact Center native cloud system in Latin America in January.
  • In January Cisco announced that it would open a Taiwanese Software Development Center.
  • Cisco Investments invested US$12.5 million in Valtix during January.
  • Cisco was appointed by Expo 2020 to manage, maintain, and operate the Expo 2020 IT network in February.
  • Cisco Meraki’s subsidiary and Comcast Business joined forces in February to expand Comcast Business Teleworker VPN.
  • Openpath and Cisco Meraki entered into a partnership in February for cloud-based security solutions and access control.
  • Newark and Cisco entered into a partnership in February. This partnership will offer IoT network solutions to industrial customers in North America for harsh and non-carpeted environments.
  • Cisco announced the acquisition by IMImobile Plc in February. This global provider of cloud communication software and services was a major player.
  • Cisco announced that they would open a DevNet Centre for Information Security Training in Northern Taiwan in March.
  • Cisco Systems acquired Israeli-based Sedona Systems.
  • Cisco Systems announced plans to acquire Socio Labs in May.
  • Cisco announced plans to acquire Kenna Security Inc. in May.
  • Cisco received a US$1.2billion contract in June from the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency for software services.
  • Cisco and Vodafone Idea Limited collaborated to build a 5G network.
  • CyberNB and Cisco Canada, New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development entered into a partnership to offer cybersecurity training and education to high school students in June.
  • Involvio LLC, a New York-based software company, was acquired by Cisco in June.
  • Cisco bought Epsagon, an Israeli software monitoring company, in October.
  • Cisco and Saudi Federation for Cyber Security, Programming, and Drones established a partnership in August. This partnership aims to increase digital skills within the Kingdom.
  • Acacia Communication Inc. was purchased by Cisco in March.

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